The Top Solar Tiki Torches For All Budgets

       Imagine. Sitting in the backyard after a family barbeque. Dusk starts to set in and all around your yard, soft, flickering flame lights start appearing, adding an extra sense of calm to the evening. Your recently purchased solar tiki torches have added the finishing touch to the evening. Here we will discuss what we consider the best solar tiki torches available.



Product Name


Best Overall Option

Innoo Tech Solar Torch Lights

Best Upgrade Option

Camabel 56” Tall Solar Torch Lights

Best Value Option

Hiahoo Solar Lights

Best Specialty Option

Ollivage Solar Pathway Lights

Before we go into greater detail about each of our choices and why we chose them, lets look at some key features of solar tiki torches. We will also discuss some things to look for and some things to avoid. Solar powered solar lights are a great addition to any home.

Why Choose a Solar Tiki Torch?

Solar tiki torches are a fantastic option when compared to a conventional fuel burning torch. They are as simple as setting them where you want them, making sure they get ample sunlight, and sitting back and enjoying the beautiful flickering lights that they produce. Solar light is a great way to add to your outdoor space.

A conventional fuel burning tiki torch is expensive to buy fuel for and is always a mess when you have to refill the fuel in them. They emit a black smoke that is often accompanied by a foul odor. This is not pleasant to anyone that is sitting around them. This makes solar tiki torches an even better choice for your solar lights.

With the ease of use and non-existence of setup, solar tiki torches make a great choice when looking for lighting for your outdoor space. Never having to refill the fuel or change out the batteries make them the ideal choice for the busy family. A torch light that is on year round, powered by the sun is the perfect choice.


·        Good for the Environment

·        No fuel or batteries to contend with

·        No foul odors

·        No risk of fire

·        Easy and simple to move


·        Bad Weather/ No sunlight

·        Some are weak to wind gusts

Things to consider when purchasing Solar Tiki Torches

You always want to make sure the tiki torches that are solar powered are also weatherproof. The lighting element should have a good, watertight seal protecting it. The packing or description of the light should always clearly state this, if it does not, you should consider a different choice. There are also other things to consider, such as:

·        Weather resistant

·        Charging time

·        Run time

·        How long the light lasts

·        Your preferred style

·        Size of the charging screen

Charging time

It is always important to read how long the solar light itself will take to charge the internal battery. The lowest amount of charging time is not always an indicator of a superior unit. Sometimes the longer solar powered charge times indicate a larger internal battery, which would give a longer run time after dark. This means that solar powered tiki torch lights make great year round lighting.

Sometimes, the length of the charging time on the solar light can also depend on the size of the charging screen on the solar tiki torch itself. The larger screen on the solar tiki torches will allow more sunlight to the charging system of the internal battery and allow the battery to charge faster. A large charging screen and large battery will both give the solar tiki torch a longer time.

It is possible to charge your tiki torches after dark with a auxiliary light source, so a shorter solar light charge time in these cases would be ideal. However, as indicated above, it is not always the best choice when choosing solar tiki torches. Solar powered light and solar powered outdoor appliances of any kind are a great choice in 2020.

Run Time

Another thing to always consider is the run time on any solar tiki torches. No one wants to see their lights come on and start to enjoy the flickering flame lights and suddenly they turn off after 15 minutes! The best units will have the longest run times, this having to do with the battery size and quality of internal parts.

You should focus on the solar tiki torches that have 4 or more hours of run time on a single charge. With this amount of time, you should be able to fully enjoy your outdoor space. Of course, this longer run time also means you have more time to impress your friends and neighbors with your style and taste. Solar tiki torches are a great to show that you care about the environment.

Some units even have an active run time of over 12 hours! With this length of run time, you could see your lights before you go to bed at night and see them still on when you wake up the next day. This lends to them being a great idea for lighting walking paths for year round lighting. The tiki torch light is great whether it be a flickering flame or a steady light.

Life of the Tiki Torch

It is always important to investigate the average life of the solar tiki torch that you are considering for purchase. Some of them will last for years and years, their solar lights never dimming. Other choices will only last a couple months and then you will be required to replace them.

The betst solar tiki torches will have a life span of at least several years. This will be due to the superior craftsmanship and quality of materials when compared to lesser tiki solar torches. It is the best to read any customer reviews regarding this, before buying.

The lower quality solar tiki torches will not last more than a couple months, sometimes only a couple weeks. This is usually due to their low-quality materials and craftsmanship. Some will say they are waterproof, while not actually having any safety measure in place for their solar lights against inclement weather. Again, it is important to read the customer reviews regarding this, before buying.

Your Personal Style and Preference

Something else to consider about solar lights, and one that is just as important as the previous things we have spoke about, is your style and preference! With the thousands of choices of solar torch lights available, everyone can find something that fits their style of solar tiki torches.

Whether you want something that made of wood that blend in your all natural style with flickering flame or modern styled ones that go great in even an urban setting, you never not find something that goes perfectly with your outdoor space.

Some companies even offer solar tiki torches that are made from fully recycled materials for anyone that is environmentally minded. This can be incredibly important for the environment and makes a fantastic option for people that work these things into their daily lives . Environmentally minded people may say these are the best solar lights available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my solar tiki torch stay lit?

On average in 2020, the typical solar tiki torch will stay lit up to 15 hours with a full day’s charge of sunlight. As we discussed earlier, there are many factors that play into this time length, such as:

·        Battery size

·        Quality of materials

·        Amount of sunlight it receives

·        Length of time its exposed to sunlight

How does it stay in the ground?

Unless the unit is designed to attach to flat and solid surface, it will come with a ground stake to secure the solar lights into the ground. The stake will push into the dirt of your outdoor space, typically 6” to 8” inches. There are things to consider when looking at the ground stakes:

·        They insert into the ground more than 3”

·        They are made of quality material

·        Preferably made of metal

·        Can stay in the ground while removing the light unit

How long will it last?

There are a few things to consider when answering this question:

·        Quality of material

·        Climate that you live in

·        Amount of sunlight the solar lights receive

·        How clean you keep the sunlight receiver

·        Unintended use


 1. Innoo Tech Solar Torch Lights – Best Overall Option

First, we will look at our best overall choice and the reasons we see that it takes this spot. We chose the Innoo Tech Solar Torch Lights 96 LED for several reasons. The main reason is that it combines the unique fire like flickering lights with a very reasonable price and quality product.

They are made with IP65 water grade material, combined with an ABS material. These two materials when combined, offer a great resistance to all different weather climates. As we talked about before, this is very important when considering solar tiki torches.

These lights also come with multiple mounting options. You can take the traditional route and use the ground stake. It also comes with a base to set anywhere that inserting into the ground may not be possible. Lastly, it offers a wall mounting option for those that may want to line the interior of a fence or on doorways. This makes it a fantastic solar tiki torch option.

The internal solar battery will last around 8 hours in the winter and 12 in the summer. This is where the climate that you live in will come into play for your choice of solar tiki torches. On average they will take 7 hours of full sunlight to fully charge the solar battery. With this somewhat longer charging time, you do get the extended running time. This is a great option for year round lighting needs.


·        Flickering flame lights

·        Quality material

·        Mounting and use options

·        Long run time


·        Longer charge time of solar battery

·        Only one color available

 2. Camabel 56” Tall Solar Torch Lights – Best Upgraded Option

Next, it is time to look at our best upgraded version, the Camabel 56” Tall Solar Torch, and why we chose it. This solar tiki torch has some fantastic features for those that do not mind spending a little extra money. They will last for years with the proper upkeep.

These solar powered torch lights for your outdoor space offer a beautiful flicker flame that resembles a real fire. This will add that soft and inviting light that makes any evening seem just a little bit better. The light will appear to dance off the surrounding objects.

The height on these solar lights are adjustable to 24”,40” and 56”. This gives everyone a lot of different options for how they want their outdoor space to be arranged. With the added benefit of being height adjustable, you can place one in a spot that may not otherwise get enough sunlight. Once placed, you can simply adjust the height up or down to get the full effect of the sun.

This solar powered tiki lights on average require a 5-hour charge time. This is amazing, as they still get a full night run time along with that shorter solar charge time. As we know from earlier, this speaks to the quality of material and craftsmanship. With this, you will also receive a longer overall life of the entire unit. This means more savings in the long run.

The body of these solar tiki torches are constructed of metal. This means an awfully long lifespan, as metal does not degrade with the same rate as even the highest quality plastics. Even the ground stake itself is solid metal, which gives it superior strength when inserted into the ground. This means that even if your outdoor area is prone to high wind, your solar powered tiki torches will be safe.


·        Quality battery and charging screen

·        Metal construction

·        Short charge time and long run time

·        Adjustable height

·        Flame like lights


·        8 hour run time

·        Higher Price

3. Hiahoo Solar Lights – Best Value Option

Now we will look at out best budget option, the Hiahoo Solar Lights Upgraded. Even though we consider this the best budget friendly option, it still has a lot of the features and options of the higher priced models of tiki solar lights. These would be a great option to buy in bulk for weddings, graduations, or even outdoor parties.

These outdoor solar tiki torches need an average of 6 hours of full sunlight to charge. Once charged, the solar powered torch lights produce on average, about 9 hours of lighting. This is great because even for one-time use, you can set these out around mid-day, and they will be ready for after dark. Even if they permanent features of your outdoor space, the short charge time is a great feature.

These torch lights are relatively small in comparison to our other choices, so they can be used in a variety of different ways. Perhaps you live in an apartment complex and want some solar lighting on your balcony? These small lights could be put into a pot of soil on your balcony and add a great touch that will make your neighbors jealous. They could even be used in this same manner, but in a windowsill that gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day.

The biggest downside to these solar lights is that the bodies are cheaply made. They likely would not last more than 1 full season of changing weather before they started to show signs of wear and breakage. This is countered by their cheap price, where you can replace them easily and not for much money.


·        Bulk option

·        Short charge time

·        Long run time

·        Small size


·        Cheaply made

·        Not very bright

 4. Ollivage Solar Pathway Lights – Best Specialty Option

Lastly, we will look farther into our choice for best specialty option, the Ollivage Solar Pathway Lights. We like these because you can change the colors that the tiki solar torch emit. This gives the end user the choice of changing away

from the standard light associated with solar lights. With the addition of available, additional poles, you can get the solar powered true tiki torch feel.

This unit automatically changes between 7 different colors at night. This makes it a fantastic choice for any special occasion, be it parties, graduations, birthdays, or any other event that may go into the night. These would be especially good for anything that young children would attend.

The lights themselves are made of good IP65, waterproof plastic composite. This means they will last through the changing seasons and be less prone to breakage from weather changes.  They are simple to install, simply screw in the included stake, turn the switch to on, and insert into the ground. The only consideration to take into mind is the amount of sun that your outdoor space receives, as these need full sunlight in order to charge.

The biggest downside to these is that you cannot pick a certain color and stick to that. It automatically changes between all seven colors without the option of stopping it. Nor does it have the option for the standard white or yellow light that is the standard with outdoor solar powered lights. While this does make them a great option for occasions described above, it doesn’t lend itself to the quiet evening of relaxation. That being said solar lights are a great addition to any outdoor pace.


· Multiple lights

·        Short charge time

·        1-year warranty

·        Long run time


·        Not the best quality

·        Unable to choose one color


After reviewing all 4 of the solar tiki torches, we have concluded that the best overall choice would be the Innoo Tech Solar Torch Lights 96 LED. This was due to its high-quality materials and parts, its fire like flickering lights, and long run time. If you are able to spend a little more money, then our best upgraded option is the Camabel 56” Tall Solar Torch. We chose this because its body is made of solid metal, high quality and long-lasting battery, and relative short charging time.

For the budget minded shoppers out there, we recommend the Hiahoo Solar Lights Upgraded. These are a great, cheaper choice for those possibly looking at buying in bulk. They have a short charge time and compact size. The downside being they are not very bright. And for those looking for something just a little bit extra, we recommend the Ollivage Solar Pathway Lights. These alternately changing color lights will add all the extra bit of jazz you need for any special occasion.

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