Solar Rope Lights

Solar rope lights are a fun decoration that has been gaining popularity lately. You might think of these warm, white lights as “fairy lights” or the lights you see appearing on homes around Christmas time.

These rope lights are a little different, in that they are covered in clear plastic. This protects the bulbs and lets them stay outdoors in any weather conditions.

These are the best solar rope lights this year! You may want to grab a set to light up your home.



Product Name


Best Overall Option

Solar String Lights Outdoor, 2 Pack

Best Upgrade Option

IMAGE 200 Solar Rope Lights

Best Value Option

 Ruichen 50 LED Solar Powered Rope Light

Best Alternative Option

 Oak Leaf 100 LED Outdoor Rope Lights

Everyone loves a set of rope lights, especially for the holidays. However, it can be difficult to get a source of power to the rope. Extension cords look out of place and many rope lights are not quite as long as you need them to be. That is why solar powered lights are an excellent option for many people. Plus, they look nice all year round and can be used to decorate anything.

We are going to help you choose which rope light would be the best for you. But, first, we are going to answer the most common questions when it comes to solar powered rope lights.

What is a Solar Rope Light?

A solar rope light is a series of led lights that are connected in a line. These string lights often offer a warm, white light that is meant to provide you with peaceful outdoor lighting. They last a long time and can be found for a good price on the internet.

The best solar rope lights are waterproof, as they are covered in a PVC coating. This allows them to be outside in rain, sun, or snow- they can handle all weather conditions.

Many people prefer them over a plug-in light. Solar powered lighting is amazing because everyone has access to sunlight. There are a lot of people that may not have a reliable plug-in outdoors power source for their string lights. Solar power means that more people can have access to solar rope lighting.

If you are planning on getting new outdoor lights this season, you might want to consider a set of solar string products. They are usually a good price, have a few lighting modes, and are convenient to charge. Many units will last 8 hours after being in the sun all day, which is plenty of time to enjoy them in the evenings.

Can You Cut Solar Rope Lights?

You can, but make sure that the string is unplugged before you do. You will want to use either very sharp scissors or a knife. Measure the string with the area that you plan to install the lights. There are marks on the outer plastic that indicates where it is safe to cut, so you will want to cut the rope as close to one of those marks as possible.

These marks are either indicated by a dashed line or a tiny picture of scissors. Either way, you want to be sure that you cut the lights there. This is where the rope led lights can be cut without causing damage. Remember that in every set of string lights, the cut mark is in a different place.

What are the Best LED Rope Lights?

You can read more about what we determined to be the best LED string lights below. We chose it based on a few aspects that are very important to have in outdoor solar lights.

We think that a set of solar string lights should be a quality product with features like different lighting modes. When you browsing for your set of lights, you can keep in mind what colors you want, how long you want them to stay on, or how long the string of lights should be.

We picked our top products based on the reviews and quality of the rope solar lights. The best option has a lot to offer you and a convenient solar panel, so we thought that it stood above the rest of the products we found.

In short, our top pick for solar rope lights had a lot of good going for it- a bundled deal with a good price for outdoor lights.

How Long do Rope Lights Last?

When it comes to LED lights, you can expect them to last 100,000 hours- a very long time. These solar powered ropes are energy efficient and can provide you with lighting almost all night after a full charge. We think that string lights are a great decoration to invest in at home because of this.

If you take care of your solar lights, you can also make them last longer. You do not want to bend them back and forth, as this might cause a light to break. You can bend them, but only in one direction since it is much less risky. You will also want to be careful when winding your lights around thin objects, such as a light pole. This may also cause a light to go out if they are put under too much pressure.

If you want to make your string lights last, that is pretty much all that you need to do. They are often weatherproof and need the sun to charge their solar panels, so using them outdoor only is perfectly fine. When it is time to take down your rope lights, be sure to not wind them up too tightly when you go to store them.


1. Solar String Lights Outdoor, 2 Pack – Best Overall Options

These lights are strong and going to last you a very long time. They bend easily, so you can form them into specific shapes. We also appreciated the warranty the brand offered and the fact that they came in a double pack. That way, you will not run out of your rope light halfway through decorating your house.

They also last all night long. When they charge completely, you can expect the solar panel to provide them with enough energy to glow at least 8 hours at night- often reaching 12 hours.

This set of string lights comes in a package deal. You get two sets from the company Chinety. This is good because you can be sure that you have enough to decorate your home in the way that you want. Their outdoor solar lights also come in 3 different colors- warm white, cool white, and a fun multi-color.

Each set comes with 100 quality LED lights as well. This is great for lighting an outdoor area or decorating your home. Their PVC covering is durable and will protect the lights from the elements for a very long time.

It is important to note that the brand offers an excellent warranty as well. You are covered for up to a year if something were to go wrong with your lights. This is a good brand, so the odds are low, but it is still nice to have a warranty as a backup if you need replacement light strands. If yours stop working, do not hesitate to contact the company. They will offer you a new set of outdoor lights ASAP.

Finally, these rope lights LED come with 8 different lighting modes. These make decorating fun and allow you to mix it up whenever you feel like it. These are the best solar rope lights for sure. If you want quality solar powered rope lights, then this might be the best option for you.


  • Great price for a double pack of solar powered rope lights. One pack contains a lot of string light bulbs, but with two, you have enough to do whatever you want with them- even making creative designs.
  • They are waterproof. This is very important in outdoor solar lighting because they often get rained on. The PVC is durable, so you do not have to worry about the weather conditions harming them.
  • There are 8 different lighting modes to use. Each offers a different effect or brightness of light. The modes are fun and pretty to look at, which is another reason we decided to pick these as the best solar rope lights.


  • The box does not come with instructions. They are pretty straightforward, however, some customers had trouble figuring out how to use the 8 lighting modes. There are no directions, so you will need to mess with the settings until you find something you like.

2. IMAGE 200 Solar Rope Lights – Best Upgrade Option

These solar rope lights are powerful and perfect for outdoor use. The bundle is pretty long, although it costs as much as the bundle of two that picked for the best solar rope lights.

The lights come in 3 different colors and include an impressive 200 lights- twice as many as the last option! If you want a lot of little lights in your string, then this is the best choice.

If you want a decorative set of solar string lights that stands out, then this option is for you. The set of 200 lights comes in three colors which are the standard cool white, warm white, and multi-colors light bulbs.

These lights use a solar panel to charge. They are a little different than other products like this, however. The battery can be removed and taken away from the lights. This means that you can charge the solar panel battery somewhere sunny during the day, then bring it back to your solar string lights when you are ready to turn them on. They should last longer than 8 hours doing this.

Many people who bought the product commented that they thought the removable battery and solar panel was the best feature with these solar lights. We think so too- it will come in handy during the winter when your yard does not get as much sun as it does during other times. Or, if you have a lot of trees, you can still get the lights powered easily. There are so many benefits for this kind of solar powered rope.

The battery is also really powerful so that your lights stay bright as long as you need them to. They are waterproof and have 8 different lighting styles. You can switch up the lighting any time you want from blinking and twinkling to a simple, steady light.


  • The detachable battery is really useful. It is also very powerful and can provide your rope lights with up to 10 hours of life. The lights are bright and one of the best solar rope options out there.
  • The detachable battery can be used with the solar panel to charge away from the lights. You can move the solar panel to a sunnier area so that you build up more power for the lights.
  • You get about 79 feet of lights- which is amazing. You will be certain to have enough rope lights for your entire project.
  • The copper wire can hold 200 LED lights. This is great for getting a lot of beautiful lighting outdoors and illuminating your yard in a peaceful glow.
  • There are 8 different lighting styles to choose from. Some are flashy and there is just a steady light too.


  • Users reported that the lights did not work for as long as they hoped. Many had some light bulbs burning out after a few months.
  • The lights would not turn on every night for some users. This might be because they did not move the solar panel to a brighter location. However, we thought that it was important to mention.

3. Ruichen 50 LED Solar Powered Rope Light – Best Value Option

These Ruichen solar lights cost about half as much as the best solar rope light on this list. They do not come with as many lights, but they are colorful and come in a variety of styles. They are not as long either, but you have 8 different colors to choose from.

The other rope lights on this list are considerably longer than this option, so if you need a lot, you will want one of them instead. However, if you plan on decorating a smaller area, then these rope lights would be perfect. They provide you with more than enough rope to decorate your windows or door frame.

Still, this is a fun choice of solar rope light. Ruichen’s lights can come in many colors, so feel free to pick what you think is best.

They also come with a special light sensor that turns them on when it gets dark outside. That is great because you will not have to trek outside each night in the cold to get your solar rope lights turned on.

Finally, the brand offers an amazing warranty for its cost. The warranty is a year long and they include 30 days money-back guarantee- so if the copper wire is not working or your solar panel will not charge, you can get your money back. That makes the value of this product pretty good when compared to the other options we put on this list.


  • 8 fun and pretty colors to choose from. They can be matched to the style of your yard or home.
  • The light sensor turns them on, so you do not have to worry about it.
  • The warranty and the money-back guarantee is really good.


  • The rope is a lot shorter than the length of the other solar rope lights we reviewed.
  • The copper wire only holds 50 light bulbs, about half as much as the best solar rope we reviewed.

4. Oak Leaf 100 LED Outdoor Rope Lights – Best Alternative Option

This is a great cost effective alternative to the best solar rope. It is pretty high quality and the brand offers amazing customer support.

It comes with a light sensor and a solar panel- so you can install the lights and not worry about turning them on every evening. The solar rope is also a good size, making it great for any decorating project.

These Oak Leaf solar rope lights are quality and long-lasting. The rope is a good size, which means that you can use it for several decorating methods at home. Plus, it comes with a solar panel and automatic light sensor- so you do not have to go outside at night to turn them on.

The battery also has a great life. It can offer you up to 17 hours on a full charge- which is crazy for solar rope lights! As long as it charges for at least 6 hours, you can expect them to last a very long time.

These are a good set of solar rope lights and will work for what you need them to.


  • The rope lights can stay on for an impressive 17 hours. If you are planning on having a long event and need lights that last all night, these are amazing.
  • They are a good length for rope lights and are waterproof. They work extremely well and are protected from the elements.


  • The copper wires might be fragile. You will want to be careful setting up and storing them so they do not snap.


Our best choice was picked based on reviews and the overall quality of the product. We think that offering such a great decorative solar rope with 2 for the cost of one is amazing.

Those were our top picks for solar powered ropes that have a copyright 2020. We hope that you enjoyed reading about them and ask us any questions that you have!

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