Best solar powered car fans

Best Solar Powered Fan for Car

Cars make our lives better but now is the time for you to make your car’s life better. Solar car fans do not only make passenger’s experience better. But only enhances the lifespan of the car by preventing overheating. So, if you want to know more about solar-powered car fans then keep reading.

4 Best Solar Car Fan Reviews for 2021

1. Bicycle 3-in-1 Solar Car Fan – Best Value

Rating: 5/5

  • Built-in LED light and lamp
  • Long-lasting batteries (500 cycles)
  • 3 hours charging time
  • 4-8 hours working time

If you are looking for more than just a simple solar car fan then the Bicycle store has the best product for you. This solar car fan has more than you would need. First and foremost it has a high-quality fan that ventilates and cools down the car. Secondly, this product features LED light and a flashlight that makes it an overall suitable product for emergencies.

Now let’s talk about the fan itself. It is good for ventilation and better airflow. It has a sturdy and durable body that will last you for many years to come. Furthermore, the body features small built-in legs for better placement. As the fan is powerful, accidentally putting a finger between the wings can cause serious injuries. To prevent accidents, the fan features a safety screen.

Lastly, the battery of the Bicycle 3-in-1 car fan is great and one of the best among its competitors. This battery is fast charging (takes only 3 hours to charge completely). After a 100% charge, you can use the fan for around 4-8 hours. The working time depends on the usage. For instance, if you only use the fan feature then the battery will last longer in comparison to fan + light usage. Lastly, the battery comes with long life, it lasts for a 500 full charge cycle. So even if you use the fan daily for around 4-8 hours, the battery will stay functional for 1.5 years.

2. Gooworm Solar Car Window Fan – Best Budget

Rating: 4/5

  • Easy to mount body
  • Works with tinted glass
  • Lengthen the lifespan of inner electrical components

Gooworm solar car window fan is the best product for people who are on a tight budget but still want a car fan. This solar-powered car fan is not only the most affordable option on the list, but it is also one of the most economical car fans on the market. However, just because Gooworm is inexpensive does not mean it is in any way, shape, or form lesser than its competitors. In fact, the Gooworm solar window fan for a car possesses all of the features on need in a product like this.

Firstly, the Gooworm solar car fan is easy to install. With the unique book-like design of the body and the rubber strip (included), anyone can mount the Gooworm solar car fan within 5 minutes. Unlike other car fans, the solar panels of Gooworm remain outside the car. This means the tinted window screen of your car will not affect the fan at all.

According to the manufacturer, the Gooworm solar car fan is suitable for people who are interested in a well-ventilated car. This device does not offer cooling but simply enhances the airflow of the car. It also helps deodorize the car. One of the many benefits of this solar car fan ventilation system that it enhances the life of the car’s inner electrical components by keeping them cool.

One drawback, however, of Gooworm is that with this fan installed you cannot close your window. Other than that, this solar car fan from Gooworm is worth your money.

3. Stylooc Solar Powered Car Window Auto Air Vent – Best for Big Vehicles

Rating: 4.5/5

  • Sturdy design with 3 fans
  • 1200 mAh battery capacity
  • 3500 revolutions per minute
  • Easy to install (adhesive included)
  • High-quality polycrystalline solar cells

The next product on our best solar car fan list is from Stylooc. We recommend Stylooc car fans for owners of big cars. Why? Well, unlike most of the other car fans on market, the Stylooc solar-powered car fan features three fans. As the saying goes, the more the merrier. Due to the extra 2 fan, this product is suitable for bigger vehicles. You can use it in regular size as well if your car smells bad. The 3 fans will improve the ventilation and deodorize the environment. The fan speed is 3500 revolutions per minute which is more than enough for a car ventilation fan.

This solar car fan features polycrystalline solar cells. The best thing about polycrystalline solar panels is the lower cost. This exact solar panel technology is the reason for the affordable price of Stylooc fan. In addition to that, polycrystalline solar panels have a longer lifespan. In fact, Stylooc offers a 10 years warranty on the product.

Due to the polycrystalline solar cells, the battery charges faster. Furthermore, this fan has a 1200 mAh battery which will last you for a few hours.

Lastly, just like the Gooworm solar car fan, The Stylooc one is also easy to install. It comes with an adhesive strip and a user manual. Follow the steps and install the fan within a few minutes. Also, unlike Gooworm solar fan, with Stylooc installed you can close the window (when the fan is not running).

4. Tuzech Solar Power Car Ventilation Fan – Best Basic

Rating: 4/5

  • Easy to install
  • Small and portable
  • Widely compatible
  • Prevents car from overheating

Tuzech is the last product on our list. It might not be the most feature-packed item among its competitors but it can get the job done. Tuzech solar car fan is for people who are looking for a simple car ventilation system that is easy to install and remove.

First of all, Tuzech is compatible with almost all of the cars in the market. You can install it on the front or back window. The product comes with a rubber strip for easy installation. Secondly, the fan is lightweight and comparatively smaller in size. So, when you remove the fan, you can store it in your car for future use.

This solar car fan deodorizes the car for a fresh ride. This ventilation fan does not offer to cool. However, it betters the airflow and hence prevents overheating.

Buying Guide: What Makes a Quality Solar Car Fan?

Long drives in hotter climates can be a major pain. Sometimes you need more than just your car’s air conditioner to cool down your car during these situations. Perhaps a car fan can help you circulate the air? The great thing about car fans is that they come in abundance by doing just a little bit of searching. The hard part about searching is finding a quality car fan to fit your needs.

Coming from past experiences, sometimes doing a quick search and picking out an item from the get-go will simply end up being a waste of time and money. Before doing your search, a little knowledge on what to look out for in a car fan is essential. Below I will list some features to consider so you can buy the best car fan fit for you and avoid days with an overheated car.

Type of Fan

Before choosing a fan, consider your choice of placement. Will you need it in front of the car, or is this fan going to be needed for the passengers in the back? Another thing to consider is how often people are joining you on car rides. If people are often in the car with you, an oscillating (moving) fan will be a better choice than a stationary one. An oscillating fan is also a better choice if your car is larger. However, if you’re looking for a fan to cool yourself, a stationary fan would do just the trick.


No matter the car, you’re always going to be in an enclosed space. Some fans can get loud enough to be irritating. If you’re frequently taking long car rides, this will put some stress on you. If noise isn’t a bother to you, then any fan will do, but it’s probably better to avoid any buzzing noises if you can.


Consider the installation required for the car fan. Is it as simple as using a clip to hold the fan up? Some fans offer special mounts for different areas of the car. The quality of the mounts should always be checked. If they aren’t up to the task of holding the fan, you may end up with a broken fan and wasted money. Read what other users have to say about the mounts and adjust accordingly. 

Size and Quality

Lastly, the size of the fan should also be something to consider when making your pick. You don’t want the fan to be too big that you can’t see out of the window. Or too big that it becomes a nuisance to your passengers. The build quality of the fan should also be important. Be careful and read up on what other users have had to say about a particular car fan you’re looking at. Some aren’t built up to last and can even be a fire hazard which can put you in jeopardy.

Advantages of Having a Car Fan

Now that you know what to look out for in a car fan, you might be thinking, why should I get a car fan in the first place? How will a car fan benefit me in any way? Is there any disadvantage to getting a car fan?

Environment Friendly

The main benefit of using a solar-powered car fan is the power source. Solar energy is considered the greenest energy source on the planet. If you are worried about your carbon footprints then anything solar-powered is the best fit for you.

Low Maintenance & Cost-Effective

As solar fans only require sunlight it reduces the maintenance level. Yes, in case of mishandling, you might need to change the solar panel or battery after a year or two. It also makes the product cost-effective. Get a solar fan for your car once and you can use it for many years to come.

Easy Cooling

Solar car fans are easy to power. When it comes to cooling the inside of your car, other methods can be tedious. Sometimes it’s way too hot to roll down your windows and you’ll need both hands on the wheel in most cases, so a hand fan isn’t the best solution. Getting a car fan will reduce this unwanted amount of stress and all you need to do is pick the right one.


When paired with an air conditioner, having a fan will ensure you get proper airflow throughout the vehicle. A common problem passengers have is that they’re usually the ones that don’t get cool air during hot car rides. Getting an oscillating car fan is an easy solution to this.

Use it For Other Situations

Considering how small most car fans come at, if you don’t need the car fan to be in the car anymore, simply use it anywhere else. Most car fans come with a simple clip-on installation so it can be placed anywhere. Not only can they be used in the car, once you’re done with your car ride, take it with you into the office or workplace. For the solar-powered fans, it can even be used in gardens to provide your plants fresh air.

The benefits are clear and simple. If anything, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. You’ll get better cooling for your passengers and yourself, all while eliminating those grueling long and hot car rides.

Precautions & Tips for Using Solar Car Fan

Solar technology is easy to use. And solar-powered car fans are as straightforward as it gets. However, there are some tips that you can follow that will help you use your solar car fan better.

Tinted Windows is a No-No

Solar car fans work on sunlight. So, if your car windows or screen is tinted then the solar panel would not get enough sunlight to charge. Hence, it will affect the performance. Always place your solar car fan in a position that gets the most sunlight. This is a simple thing that you can avoid to ensure better car fan performance.

Dust is The Enemy

We are not exaggerating. If your car fan’s solar panel is dusty then it will prevent the panels from getting enough sunlight. And just like the tinted windows, a thick layer of dust will poorly affect the output of the fan. So, keep the solar panel clean and wipe them when needed.

Change the Batteries

Solar car fans are usually long-lasting and will serve you well. However, if your fan is not working well then before replacing it, check the batteries. Most of the time merely changing the batteries can better the overall performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Solar Car Fan

1. Do solar powered attic fans work?

Having a properly ventilated attic is essential to maintain your home. Failure to provide proper ventilation will make way to problems such as mildew and rot development. This can impact the air quality in your home. Solar power attic fans provide you an easy solution by providing airflow with just the power of the sun, but do they work? It depends, those living in areas with more sun exposure will get better use out of solar-powered attic fans.

2. Is a solar-powered car possible?

With how popular solar power has become, this begs the question, is a solar-powered car possible? Yes, a solar-powered car is possible. There’s one scheduled to go into production in 2021. It is called the Lightyear One and the manufacturers claim to be able to travel up to 500 miles on one charge.

3. Can a solar panel power a fan?

To answer the question simply, it depends. Some fans require a lot of power while some don’t. Provided with enough power, a fan will be able to run for hours. To do this, however, you’ll need a solar that can produce enough wattage to keep up with the fan’s demands. A solar panel will need to be paired with a battery for this to work efficiently.

4. What is the fastest solar-powered car?

Although not your conventional car, the fastest solar-powered car is named the Sky Ace TIGA. It currently holds the Guinness World Record at 91 kilometers per hour or 56 miles per hour. In general, solar-powered cars tend to have a maximum speed between 40 and 60 mph.


These were our top 4 solar car fan recommendations. All of the products on the list are some of the best car fans in the market. However, Bicycle 3-in-1 Solar Car Fan is the clear winner. The Bicycle car fan is affordable, feature-packed, and aesthetically pleasing. The best part is that it is more than just a fan. The LED light and flashlight feature make it the perfect device to keep in your car for emergencies. We hope you get the perfect solar-powered fan for your car.