Choosing the Best Liquid Solar Blanket For Your Pool

Getting your swimming pool to the perfect temperature is something very hard to do without often expensive and timely options. Until recently, you would have to pay to get hot water pumped into your pool or invest in a large and often fragile solar blanket to keep your pool warm when not in use.

However, new liquid solar blankets are now available for widespread use and come with a wide array of benefits. Before we take a look at some of the best options for liquid solar blankets, we first want to walk you through what to look out for before going ahead and getting the best liquid blanket for your needs.



Product Name


Best Overall Option

 Natural Chemistry Solar Blanket

Best Premium Option

SunHeater Shield

Best Budget Option

Tropical Fish Liquid Solar Blanket

Solar Blanket Buyer’s Guide

Before taking a deeper dive into our favorite products, we want to make sure that you are understanding what it is you are shopping for. In this section, we hope to highlight the benefits of using a liquid solar blanket over alternatives before addressing some of the frequently asked questions about solar blankets.

Benefits of a Liquid Solar Blanket

Keeps the Pool Warm

Before you go out and buy an expensive pool heater to get a slightly warmer pool, be patient. A liquid solar pool cover is ideal for keeping your pool warm because it traps in the heat that is otherwise lost through processes like evaporation that happen every day.

Normal pool covers try to retain heat when the pool is not in use, but it is already too late by the time the cover is on the pool. A liquid option always keeps heat from escaping to save you time and money.

Reduce Costs

Pools are generally considered to be expensive to maintain and the last thing you want is to add the cost of heating the water to your bills. You can reduce costs by a significant amount by utilizing a liquid solar blanket as they work to retain heat in the water and make it so you don’t need to pay for hot water

Easier Than Physical Solar Blankets

One of the best benefits to trying out a liquid solar cover as opposed to traditional methods is the ease of use they offer to users. A physical solar cover is very large and heavy for something that you are likely to need to move on and off your pool every day.

With a liquid solar cover, all you need to do is pour some liquid into your pool when you need it to stay warm and need to prevent water evaporation. Your swimming pool maintenance will also be much easier without a physical cover to worry about.

Doesn’t Deteriorate

As material covers get old and worn out, they begin to not work well and often need to be replaced. While you may need to top up your liquid cover every now and then, you will not need to dump bottles of the solution into the pool any time it is feeling a little cold.

Conserves Water

Something many people are unaware of is the fact that most heat leaves your swimming pool because of evaporation. When water leaves the pool through evaporation, you are losing the heat it carried with it and will need to heat the new water to maintain temperatures.

Liquid solar covers create a very small layer on top of the water that makes it much harder for water to evaporate from the pool. When your water isn’t evaporating easily, your pool can now stay warmer.

Solar Blanket FAQs

Do liquid solar pool covers really work?

For the short answer, absolutely! Many people are very hesitant to try or recommend liquid solar covers because they either had a bad experience or just don’t trust them. The options we look at later on are very well respected in the industry and have innovated on many older formulations.

When you use the liquid covers as directed, they create a microscopic layer on top of your pool water that keeps heat and water in. Despite the relatively simple nature of the chemicals used, modern solar blanket formulations are very effective.

How much liquid pool cover do I need?

While we would like to say there is some magic solar pool cover amount to use, each liquid solar cover requires different amounts to be effective. With most products, they will list out some common pool sizes and recommend how much of the cover liquid would be best to keep the pool warm.

As is the case with any chemical liquids that go into your pool, read the instructions. Manufacturers design their liquid pool covers with a certain formulation that is designed to work over a certain size surface area.

Are solar covers for pools worth it?

For a wide array of reasons, liquid solar covers are worth it for your pool. From preventing water evaporation to keeping the swimming conditions comfortable, liquid solar covers do everything a traditional cover can do and much more.

With a traditional solar cover for a pool, they cost a lot of money to have installed and maintained for a product that isn’t too effective. While these covers can keep your pool water warm, they are not great at preventing water evaporation effects form taking place.


1. Natural Chemistry Cover Free Liquid Solar Blanket – Best Overall Option

The team at natural chemistry have a real winner on their hands with their cover free liquid solar blanket solution. When you don’t want any heat loss in your pool, this option is going to reduce up to 70% of heat loss in standard pools.

This invisible barrier makes having a solar cover on pool space a thing of the past as the mono-layer covering allows you to enjoy your pool as it gets warmer with the protective chemical layer. The invisible barrier is perfect for keeping the heat in and the fun around.

Reduce the amount of refills you need to do during pool season as this chemical solar cover for pools makes it so that evaporation is reduced by around 85%. Enjoy your time actually being able to swim while also saving money on cover maintenance and water bills.

For our best overall, the Natural Chemistry Solar Blanket solution stood out for being a very easy to use solution that also boasts impressive performance in the pool. The layer created by this cover is going to help keep the warm water in while also not being too bad on your pool supply budget.

You can buy this liquid cover in several quantities to ensure that your pool of any size is getting the protection it needs when you want it to stay warm.


  • Can be used when swimming
  • Great heat retention
  • Prevents evaporation and water loss
  • Not noticeable visually


  • May not be great for certain filter systems

2. SunHeater Shield – Best Premium Option

As the name suggests, the SunHeater Shield is going to make sure that your pool is able to stay warm and keep its water without needing any material covers. We chose this as our premium choice because it is both easy to use and has proved to be more effective than some of the lower priced alternatives.

The non-toxic formula used by this shield can guarantee 100% swimmer safety thanks to it’s safer chemical makeup. On the subject of chemicals, you can invest in this liquid blanket to save money that will prevent you from needing to keep buying chemicals as they evaporate.

For the premium option, the SunHeater Shield package is hard to argue with as it offers a blend of great performance with a compound that swimmers can trust. You’ll be saving time and chemicals with this solution as it helps keep your pool warmer than the rest.

While this is our premium option, the great value that allows you to use just 4 oz for 20,000 Gallons! You won’t even notice this blanket on your pool as its composition is designed to be clear and discrete when you are swimming. Your pool will certainly feel a few levels nicer when you try out this premium liquid cover to keep it warm.


  • Very impressive coverage with small amount
  • Safe to swim with
  • Saves you money on pool chemicals
  • Helps extend your pool season


  • Only works best when water is still


Starting with the bottle design, you can tell this liquid cover doesn’t need to come off too formal with big chemical names and lots of promises. With a great price that is hard to argue with, you can even try out this product a few times and not have your wallet feeling the blow!

Once you see the benefits that this cover offers, you’ll only want to be ordering more than it can be used on a daily basis or weekly depending on your pool and it’s needs. You can see average energy savings of around %15-%40 on your energy bill as the liquid cover keeps things warm.

Even though this is our budget option, we feel that Tropical Fish has done a great job of delivering a liquid cover for just about any pool owner. This pool cover prevents heat loss, doesn’t mess with other chemicals and just does its job as advertised all within the budget of most pool owners.


  • Great results for the price
  • Safe for swimming and other chemicals
  • Wide array of pool warmer uses
  • Helps retain pool water warmth


  • Can be somewhat temperamental to work with consistently


A pool is much more than just some water and chemicals as it acts as a place for rest and relaxation for many families. When you don’t want to spend thousands on material pool covers and installation issues, a liquid pool cover is a must.

We hope you found our buyer’s guide useful as it is one of the best ways to really get to know why liquid solar covers are so popular. Additionally, the FAQ section is a great resource to come back to if you ever need to remember what liquid covers are all about.

After taking all the available products on the market into consideration, we feel that the Natural Chemistry solar cover is the best overall option for pool owners. As it sits right in between the other options, this product offers the premium features you need with the value you love from a more affordable product.

With three great options to choose from, we are confident you will love the product you choose and will be enjoying warm swimming water in no time at all.

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