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Just because you’re “roughing it” in you favorite camping spot doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some basic luxuries along the way. You can pack light but still be prepared for every situation with the best amorphous solar blanket packed safely into your gear.



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Best Overall Option

 Baintech foldable solar blanket

Best Upgrade Option

Redarc 112W amorphous solar blanket

Best Value



Choosing the right amorphous solar blankets can be challenging. This is not an overrun market so there are only a handful of solutions and it can be challenging to know just what to look for. We’ve put together a simple buying guide with some useful tips and information to try to help you make an informed decision when you’re ready to pick out a solar blanket for you.

How to Choose Portable Solar Panel Blankets

The goal of your solar panels is to be able to provide power when you’re out in the wild or at your favorite camping location without having to pack up a generator or any bulky items. Solar technology provides us with a unique solution to really have the power of electricity right at our fingertips.

We have a few features that you may want to keep in mind as you browse the options.

Solar Cells

Consider the quality of solar cells or amorphous cells in your solar blanket options. For an amorphous solar blanket, you will mostly find that the cells are split into panels or squares to better source the power and give the blanket high efficiency. The key is to be sure the solar cells will be designed to meet the need and provide reliable power but that it can also be folded for transport.


Next, if you’re going to dish out the money for a solar blanket, you want to be sure that it is really worth the money. Most solar regulator blankets are made with scratch resistant materials or may even have an anti reflective scratch proponent.

You will want to watch for these details. If your solar blankets ended up scratched all over the solar panel or the solar cell, you won’t get the power you need from the blanket.


The portable solar panel blanket that you choose needs to be large enough to power your items. If you’re on the go, you might have various appliances that need power or you may have batteries to charge as well. It may help to do some calculating of the watts or amps that your items will need in a single 24-hour period.

The rule of thumb is to size up and go with a blanket larger than your calculation to be sure it will have the power that you need.

The Advantages of Using a Solar Panel Blanket

The nice thing about this power source is that it acts as a solar cell but isn’t some bulky full-sized solar panel that you will have to find some way to tow around with you. These are made to be compact and portable so all you have to do is fold them up and go. They typically fold pretty small so they will easily stow away wherever you need to stuff them.

Additionally, they are very easy to set up or spread out wherever your path may lead you so that you can soak up the sunlight and get the most use from sunpower that you possibly can. Solar blankets are flexible and versatile compared to a crystalline panel. They are lightweight as a standard and the sun is all you need for power.

The downside that some see to using a solar cell blanket rather than a panel is the cost. These can be a little on the expensive side but the convenience is really worth the cost. Talk to anyone has has tried solar blankets and they will all attest the same!

No, let’s take a closer look at our top picks on the board.

Solar Blankets Reviews – Our Top 4 Picks


1. Baintech Baintuff – Best Overall Option

Baintech foldable solar blanket

Our top choice is the Baintech Baintuff 180W monocrystalline solar blanket. This new option is a good choice is you’re looking for just the best. The output is 180 watts, which is considerable, all things considered. It is compact and lightweight, very easy to use.

The panels of this blanket fold up and fit nicely into an attached pouch so you can pack your power for your trip. The wattage alludes to a high efficiency solution that will provide output even when you’re dealing with cloudy conditions.

This is orange and the unfolded size measures to 1830mm x 775mm. The materials are anti-reflective scratch resistant as well, which is an important quality to have when it comes to amorphous cells in solar blankets. Check out this YouTube review for a closer look.


  • Foldable into a small packet
  • Provides 180 watts of output power
  • Lightweight and easy to set up as needed
  • The panels are high-quality and efficient


  • The unfolded size is fairly large so you will need to plan to accommodate the size

2. Redarc solar panels blanket – Best Upgrade Option

The Redarc solar panels blanket comes to us from a producer in Australia. It is made with amorphous tech rather than crystalline panels that provide a lightweight and flexible approach, bringing you all of the available power for your battery or other needs. The weight of this one is nearly unmatched from its competitors.

This blanket is an upgrade option. The power is 112 watts but it is premium panel materials that lend to high efficiency in a solar regulator design. This portable solar blanket is one of the most highly used options on the market. It also folds up into a pouch for easy transport and storage.

These portable solar panels are also equipped with scratch resistance technology. They are also self-cleaning and non-stick so you don’t have to worry about bugs or anything in the air messing with the power of the panel.


  • Premium upgrade option
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Super flexible with well-made panels
  • Can charge a car and recreational vehicles
  • Holds a charge for several days, even in overcast conditions


  • Since it is so lightweight, you may need a way to weight it down if the wind range is high

3. EvaPower 150 watt solar panels blanket – Best Value Option

Let’s face it, we don’t all have thousands of dollars too spend at the store and for some of us that’s just a bit much for this type of product. That’s why we have an awesome value pick for you to take a look at! The EvaPower 150 watt solar panels blanket is about half the price of several other solar panel blankets.

This solar blanket folds up in a tri-fold, which is slightly larger than some of the other options but still plenty compact. It also still fits into a pouch to protect the solar regulator solar panel surface from the risk of travel. This is a high quality design that offers high efficiency panels and 150 watts of power in the solar panels.

You really can’t beat the power in combination with the overall design. The cells are A-grade. You get everything you need with this package, including the controller, alligator clip adaptor, extension lead, and a manual. You’ll be set up and good to go for your solar needs in no time!


  • Lightweight and simple design
  • Budget-friendly solar solution
  • Solar power is 150 watts
  • Folds and packs away safely


  • Not as “high tech” as some of the more expensive options but designed quite well as far as solar solutions go


The ability to harness solar energy even when we’re out enjoying nature is an awesome solar attribute to have. Rather than bulking up your luggage with a generator or simply going without, you have the power of solar panel technology, folded into a compact and lightweight approach through a solar blanket.

Not only is the solar power better for the economy but going solar is better for your trip in many ways as well. It’s time to harness the solar power available and simply enjoy the ride.

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